The Best Drones In The World

We’re fortunate enough to have a wide selection of drones as quadcopters are one of the fastest growing markets currently around. Not one day goes by without another article appearing about drone photography, delivery, rescue or racing. Yes, the world of drones and quadcopters is growing, but which one is really the best?


Well, that depends on your intended usage and your budget. The best drone suited for aerial photography will be vastly different than a drone that is created for racing in tight corners. Similarly, drones built for long range deliveries will be designed to carry payloads to GPS provided waypoints will have a whole different set of features than drones built to carry a R.E.D. camera.

Top drones in each category

Here is a quick overview of what we believe is currently the top in each category. For a full list of the current best drones, there are numerous quadcopter review sites out there!

The top budget drone at the moment is currently the Hubsan H107D. The reason why it’s the top budget drone is because it delivers a full ‘drone-like’ experience (including all flight modes, FPV, aerial flips), it’s beginner friendly AND has an advanced setting which unlocks even more fun. Although it can seem a little challenging to learn at first, you really can’t go wrong with a full solution around the $150 mark. Pair it with some spare propellers (you’ll need these), a few extra batteries (the ones included don’t last very long) and you have yourself a full afternoon worth of fun.


Flying around for fun

Honestly, there are so many things you can do with it, including flying through obstacles, getting high views of your neighborhood with the camera, flying it around your house and more. You never run out of things to do with it and best of all, because it’s so light, it is perfectly safe. Compared to many other bigger and more powerful drones, you won’t have to worry about damaging anything (a part from the drone itself) with the Hubsan H107D.

We’ve had our fair share of accidents with it and it keeps on going. (I accidentally landed on my car.. not even a scratch. I’ve ran into house walls, lamps, trees… you name it. Because it barely weighs anything and everything is made out of plastic, you can fly around with peace of mind.


On top of that, there is a huge community of enthusiasts that have embraced the Hubsan H107D as the small drone to modify. There are additional lenses, range mods and battery mods that you can do if you wish (although the way it comes is already pretty good!).

For the more professional drone users, the best drone is currently the DJI Phantom 3. It does everything you could possible want (and more) and builds on an award winning platform.

The top drone at any price

The DJI Phantom 3 is the product of years of research and development by DJI. They added new ultra efficient motors for longer flights, a new camera, new stability sensors and tweaked the software to make it one of the most solid flying drones currently on the market.

So why would I recommend the Phantom 3 to anyone that can afford it? (Over say… the competition).


Tons of advanced flying features

Well, you’re getting a solid package that works with all of today’s technology. The software is vastly superior to any other solutions out there (and yes, I know it has bugs and GPS waypoints aren’t really working that well at the moment) however you can’t match the complete package it provides. Just looking at the heads up display on your Ipad while you fly makes you understand why this is a step above everything else.

On top of that, the drone is unbelievably stable which means getting any still shots or video is relatively easy with the DJI phantom 3. The range is great, the battery is great, the flying is amazing and the camera is great. Can you really want more? The only thing we can fault DJI on is the customer service (hint: it sucks). Fortunately, the drones are solid and I’ve never had to contact them for any support!